Why We Need to Stop Trying to Be Perfect and Just Be Real

I don’t know where I’d be without REAL friends. You know the ones. The ones who don’t bat an eye when your toddler is throwing a fit on the ground because their child was doing the same thing ten minutes ago. The ones who don’t clean up their house and make it look picture-perfect right before you come over. The friends who will stop everything and take your crazy children for an hour just so you can breathe.

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Memorizing Scripture with Kids: Bible Memory Verse Activity for the Swimming Pool

bible memory verse activity

I LOVE summer! I love spending my summer days exploring the beach, swimming in the pool, and enjoying picnics at the park. And there is nothing better than some juicy watermelon on a hot summer day! This summer, I’ve been working hard to incorporate God’s Word into each day. Why not learn a Bible Memory Verse while swimming in the pool? It’s the perfect way to have fun AND learn God’s Holy Word.

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Devotions for Moms: Holy Moments

devotions for moms

It’s 11pm and once again my sweet baby is crying, not able to sleep. It’s been a rough week for him. Three teeth came in and two more are on the way. I take him out of his crib and bring him into the darkness of our living room. As I lay him on the couch, his daddy lies down next to him. My sweet boy, tears in his eyes, looks right at his daddy and gives a tiny smile. It is a smile of comfort and peace, knowing that everything is okay because his daddy is here.

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7 Tips for Creating Successful Family Devotions

Raise your hand if you have started family devotions at some point, only to have them slowly fade away within a few days, weeks, or months. Guilty. My husband and I have started family devotions many times. The thing is, we have a hard time sticking with them (and my husband’s a pastor!) Between overtired babies, uncooperative toddlers and pure exhaustion, our devotions eventually get pushed to the side.

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