Memorizing Scripture with Kids: Bible Memory Verse Activity for the Swimming Pool

I LOVE summer! I love spending my summer days exploring the beach, swimming in the pool, and enjoying picnics at the park. And there is nothing better than some juicy watermelon on a hot summer day! This summer, I’ve been working hard to incorporate God’s Word into each day. Why not learn a Bible Memory Verse while swimming in the pool? It’s the perfect way to have fun AND learn God’s Holy Word.

How to Create the Bible Memory Verse Activity

Supplies Needed: 

Mega Blocks

Permanent Marker


  • Start with some Mega Blocks. I love Mega Blocks. They have endless purposes and kids love them! They are also too big for little ones to choke on which is great for those with babies and toddlers around.

  • Choose a Bible Verse. I always choose a Bible Memory Verse that is short and easy to read. I want some that my six-year-old can read on his own and one that my preschooler can easily remember. Check out the Top 10 Bible Verses Every Child Should Know.


  • Take out 1 Block for Each Word of the Bible Memory Verse. Get out your Permanent Marker.

  • Write the Bible Memory Verse on the Mega Blocks. Write one word on each block using a permanent marker. Don’t forget to include the Book and Chapter/Verse.

How to Play the Bible Memory Verse Activity
  • Scatter the Mega Blocks around the Pool. They will float on the surface of the water.

  • Have your child swim around and collect the Mega Blocks.

  • Encourage your child to arrange the words in the correct order to form the Bible Memory Verse

They may not get it right the first time…

  • Once it is correct, have your child read the verse aloud, including the Bible Book & Chapter/Verse
Why I Love this Bible Memory Verse Activity for the Swimming Pool

My kids love swimming! They especially love playing games in the water while swimming. This is the perfect game for memorizing scripture. Both my six-year-old and four-year-old had the first half of John 3:16 memorized after playing the activity a few times. I even asked the kids later in the day (at least 3 hours after coming home from the pool) if they remembered the Bible Memory Verse. Together they were able to recite the whole thing! This is definitely a new favorite activity for memorizing Scripture with my kids!

I pray you have just as much fun as we do with this activity and that your child gains a new love for the Lord by learning God’s Word!

For more fun: Try variations of this activity. Write bible memory verses on objects that sink and have your child dive under the water to find them. Have timed competitions to see how fast your child can collect the memory verse and put it together correctly. Or scatter blocks that contain TWO bible memory verses and see if your child can distinguish which words go with which bible verse. The opportunities are endless with this bible memory verse activity! Have fun!

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What are your favorite summer time activities?

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