Taming the Toy Box- 5 Tips for Organizing Toys

Do you have stuffed animals bursting from your child’s room? Are tiny Legos scattered throughout your house? Is cleaning up the toys an overwhelming task? It is time to take back your home and organize toys for good.

Say Goodbye to Broken & Unused Toys

The first step in organizing toys is saying goodbye to broken and unused toys. Throw out any toy that has missing pieces or is no longer working. Donate toys that your child hasn’t played with in awhile and donate to a local charity.

Create a Rotation Library

Create a Rotation Library by putting together bins of toys to rotate through periodically. This will keep your house from overflowing with toys. Keep your bins of toys stored away, out of sight. Mark “Toy Rotation” on your calendar once every 3 months. On that day, take out the stored bins and swap toys in the bins for ones in the house. Tip- do this while your child is sleeping at night and it will feel like Christmas morning when they wake up.

Assemble Quiet Time Bins

Small bins can make organizing toys a breeze. Put small toy sets into bins or Tupperware to be used at designated times only. Examples: Lego Bin, Action Figure Bin, Puzzle Bin, or Matchbox Car Bin. These bins are great for toys with small pieces. Only bring down these bins when you want your child to have quiet time at the table or on the floor. These bins are great while you make meals or make a phone call. Small toy pieces won’t be scattered around your house since these bins are only used at designated times.

Have a Labeled Home for Each Toy

Every toy in your house needs a home. Label each bin with the name and/or picture of the toy. This will help little children clean up on their own and will keep organizing toys a breeze.

Make an Art Supply Cart

Keep all the art supplies on a cart. Have separate drawers or containers for paper, markers, crayons, glue sticks, and paint. With little children, it is helpful to keep your art supply cart in a separate area of the house, such as an office. Roll the cart out during art projects and roll it away when not in use. This keeps the art supplies clean and organized.

Keep up with organizing toys by putting everything back where it belongs.  Enjoy your organized toys and your clean house!


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